Irvine Counseling and Hypnosis   
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Mental health
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Murray S. Kaufman, MA.LMFT.NBCFCH
Marriage and Family Counseling
      Clinical Hypnotherapy
            CA. Lic. MFC 31444               

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Murray S. Kaufman, MA, LMFT, NBCFCH

With almost 30 years in the counseling field, we provide you
with quality,caring and effective counseling services including:

Individual Counseling                  GLBT Counseling,
Couples Counseling            Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy   

Irvine Counseling and Hypnosis is unique by providing you
with counseling, hypnotherapy, or a combination of both in order
to provide the best treatment for your specific needs in a
friendly and comfortable environment. My individualized
approach includes informing each client about their issues
with a unique plan of care with the most up to date and
the most effective treatment.

In today's chaotic world, I take pride in my clients with the care,
compassion, and understanding that is often lacking during a time
when they need it most.

" The only person you are destined
to become is the person you decide
to be." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Irvine Counseling and Hypnosis
714-418-7454 or